In the stadium and in front of the TV screens, the young boys enthusiastically fire their stars, which flit across the iced playing surface. On their much too large jerseys, famous names like Sydney Crosby or Jamie Benn. Because these young fans have a similarity: the dream, just like their role models hunt behind the puck and play in the highest hockeyliga of the world, the NHL. Who brings the necessary talent, can get very big. But is this wish for the future really a traumber, or above all, is it a matter of hereditary false notions of the profidity?

To be celebrated as an audience favorite

Cheering club aficionados, fan choruses, who call their own name to be famous as eye-catching children's eye-catchers at autograph hours, as a professional sportsman to the hero of the nation, can cause many goose-bumps. Many people dream of making a career and being celebrated by the press. For many of them, attention is paid to the professional who receive the fore. They want to be proud of being the center of attention. The financial advantage is a nice companion. In the NHL there is a salary cap, so you are certainly worth less than the NHL star in other sports, but the annual salary of an NHL professional is certainly attractive. At least the players of the American Eliteliga deserve more than European talents. In addition, you earn your living with a thing that is a pleasure. Making a hobby a profession is therefore probably a decisive aspect for the dream of becoming a NHL professional later on.

The shadow sides of the avoidable dream job

But appearances are deceptive. Why do professional photographers always smile at the camera as if they were not worried? Because they have to fake this. As an NHL professional, the enormous presence in the public is subject to increased pressure. Of course you have a role model as opposed to the fans. Show weakness? From an NHL pro one does not expect this. On the field, full concentration must be obtained every minute of the game. Outside of the ice surface, no inter-internal details may be disclosed in the interview. There is also physical pressure. Not infrequently one has several games in the week, whereby the host cities are miles apart. Half the daily routine takes place accordingly in the airplane. There is little time for family or friends. Anyone who dreams of becoming an NHL professional must sacrifice his leisure time for sports. But what if you're too old. When new talents move forward and dispute the stammplatz. There is already a big competition in the team, but how do you manage the setback that your own performance is not enough anymore. A club change is not a rarity in the NHL. Players are often sorted out or lent to other clubs. Thus the circle closes, that a permanent residence is hardly possible. And how do you earn your money when your career is threatened? In old age you may have taken care, but as a sportsman there is always the risk of having to stop injuries.

What at first glance can be regarded as dream job is, therefore, also a lot of disadvantages. Whether one is up to the requirements, everyone has to decide for himself.

New Player

Vasyl Bobrovnikov
8 November 1971
Yavuz KarakoƧ
26 July 1988
Rudolf Keller
6 October 1925
Hampus Gustafsson
26 October 1993
Emilie O'Konor
21 February 1983

Top Player

Emilie O'Konor
21 February 1983
Nathan Gerbe
24 July 1987
Ben Smith
Hampus Gustafsson
26 October 1993
Matt Grzelcyk
5 January 1994

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